Have You Heard About Fraxel Laser Treatments?

Many people don’t know that the latest technological revolution in laser treatment is now available to them, so we have put together this brief guide to explain what it’s all about and how it works.

Fractional laser treatment, commonly shortened to Fraxel, can treat skin conditions by emitting erbium-type lasers (also known as ‘non-ablative’ by doctors).

What is Fraxel Used For?

Treatments by Fraxel include:

  • sun damage
  • fine wrinkles
  • ageing on the face, neck, chest and hands
  • also ageing on the arms, legs, and back
  • certain cases of melasma
  • certain kinds of acne scarring and surgical scars
  • improving the ‘crepiness’ and fine lines around the eye and on the eyelids
  • improving skin texture and tone
  • Reducing precancerous lesions by replacing sun-damaged skin with new skin

What is Fraxel Not Used For?

These non-ablative lasers do not work to treat:

  • Redness (but work somewhat on brown pigment and the above issues)
  • The ‘Fraxel Dual’ works much better for pigment (but there are cautions on melasma)

What is the Procedure For Fraxel Treatments?

The usual course of treatments for this cosmetic surgery in Perth is a series of laser sessions spaced out by a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of twelve weeks, with at least two sessions required in the course, although this can go to five or more. Fraxel treatments do not give much discomfort to the patient and have minimal risk.

What is the difference between the Fraxel and the Fraxel Dual?

As above, the Fraxel Dual treats pigment problems, brown spots, brown sun damage better than the regular Fraxel. However, the effect it has on melasma is still unknown. For this, most doctors just recommend sticking with regular Fraxel. For larger areas like a sun-damaged chest, arms, legs, or back, Fraxel dual is preferred.

How does Fraxel work?

Fraxel is a laser treatment, and when pulsed onto skin it creates tiny “microthermal” zones deep into the skin. This forces the skin to start naturally repairing itself, and our bodies begin to push out the old, sun-damaged skin and then regenerate new skin.

1,000-2,000 microthermal zones per are created with each cm2 of Fraxel treatment, whereby about 15-20% of the sun damaged, scarred or wrinkled skin is replaced. Fraxel simply acts as a catalyst, triggering the body’s natural healing process by accelerating the production of collagen and new skin cells, replacing the old, unhealthy cells.

How long does Fraxel take to work?

Fraxel treatments result in approximately 4- 10 days of downtime where skin may be red, swollen and flaky. Many patients notice results almost straight after the healing period. Only a week after their first treatment their skin may feel smoother, look less blotchy, and has a revitalised glow to it. However, the results of Fraxel treatment depends on the issue being treated. This means that depending on the series of treatment, you may need to wait 5-6 months to see the complete and best results.

We’re ready to start providing you Fraxel treatment today. Sculpt Surgery specialise in providing fractional laser treatment (Fraxel), and we are affiliated as a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

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