Laser Treatments

As a state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery we are passionate about the latest advancements in medical cosmetic technology.

Lasers are used to resurface, reinvigorate and restore the skin through various laser skin treatments.

Every day our skin is exposed to the sun, pollution, stress and fatigue – all of which produce constant strains on the skin and result in a haggard, dull and damaged look. Patented laser technology has been used as a means to treat pigmentation, wrinkles and skin texture and tone for a number of years now and the technology is only advancing.

Fraxel Laser – combat pigmentation, scarring, roughness, dull skin and wrinkles

The Fraxel laser is a versatile tool that utilises laser column technology to penetrate the skin and stimulate the skin’s natural healing process by only targeting a fraction of tissue at a time. The untouched tissue is then stimulated to heal and reinvigorate the remaining skin.

This treatment is a gradual as it relies on the body’s own regenerative cells. You will see increasing results for a period of 3-6 months and your skin will gradually feel softer, smoother, appear brighter and show more consistent tonality.

Laser Resurfacing – resurface your skin to stimulate your collagen processes and renew your youth

A full face resurfacing will take up to an hour to complete. During the procedure a laser will be used to penetrate the skin and vaporise damaged skin tissue.

After the procedure and during the treatment time (two to three months) you will begin to see improved wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring and skin texture.

Profractional Laser – use fractional technology to kick-start the body’s own renewal process

The Profractional laser targets fractions of skin at a time. The targeted tissue will stimulate the body’s natural healing process and invigorate the renewal process. This treatment requires less downtime than the laser resurfacing treatment and is an overall lighter treatment for less discomfort.

You may notice swelling and discomfort straight after the treatment, however this usually subsides within four days. Therefore it’s recommended that you take 5 days off work after this procedure.

Microlaser peel – try this mild laser treatment for subtle yet noticeable results

The Microlaser treatment is the mildest laser skin rejuvenation treatment we offer at Sculpt. It can be used as either a standalone treatment or an interval treatment between microdermabrasion treatments.

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