At Sculpt, one of our plastic surgeons will sit with you to discuss your needs in a private environment.

Labioplasty is a discreet treatment designed to shape and contour the appearance of your most feminine region to enhance your self-esteem and quality of life. The labioplasty procedure can address a number of concerns including:

  1. Discomfort during intercourse
  2. Feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness
  3. Discomfort while wearing tight clothing or exercising
  4. Distortion as a result of childbirth
  5. Dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance

Our surgeons are understanding, gentle and sensitive to your concerns

One of our plastic surgeons will consult with you prior to your treatment about your desired results. During the one hour procedure you will be placed under anaesthetic while our surgeon sculpts and shapes your labia by removing excess tissue.

It is highly recommended that you take at least a week off work and maintain all prescribed pain medication while resting.

To discover more about our labioplasty procedure or to book a free consultation at our Perth cosmetic clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us.