Mummy Makeovers

Pregnancy will almost always leave its mark on our bodies – with sagging breasts, an enlarged abdomen and the appearance of stretch marks, women often feel their pre-pregnancy body is gone forever.

At Sculpt, we are able to help you reclaim that pre-baby body by utilising a combination of treatments in one surgery, so you can enjoy a beautiful new body without taking too much time-out.

We utilise several treatments in tandem to give you the best post-baby body

At Sculpt, our surgeons will sit with you to assess you condition and listen to your concerns and desires in order to design a treatment plan together. Utilising treatments such as:

Our knowledgeable and expert plastic surgeons can help redefine the look of your body so you can feel like a ‘yummy mummy’. Reclaim the body of your youth, along with your confidence, with our mummy makeover procedure in Perth.

To discover more about our mummy makeover or to book a free consultation at our Perth cosmetic clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us.