Total Body Lift

A total body lift can combine multiple procedures such as: Abdominoplasty, circumferential lipectomy, Brachioplasty, Thigh lift surgery and Breast surgery . The total body lift will help contour and shape your body so that all of your weight loss efforts have not gone to waste!

Once you have maintained your goal weight for at least 6 months you will be ready to consult with one of our plastic surgeons. They will plan the procedure with you in our private rooms,  your procedure will eventually take place at Hollywood or Joondalup hospital.

A heavier procedure requires a longer recovery

Due to the intensiveness of this surgery you will require at least four- six weeks off work, eight weeks without heavy lifting or exercise and six weeks using an abdominal binder provided by one of our plastic surgeons. To improve the appearance of your scars it is also necessary that you tape your scars for the first 4 weeks, massage them for six weeks and avoid direct sun exposure for twelve to eighteen months.

It is important to consider all possibilities of weight fluctuation when opting for the total body lift procedure. Some body lift procedures may need to be staged accordingly. We will be able to advise of this during your consultation.

If you would like to find out more about the total body lift, please do not hesitate to book an appointment at Sculpt’s Perth clinic by contacting us.