If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose and wish to refine or alter its look, rhinoplasty can be used to help enhance the overall aesthetics of your nose.

Our plastic surgeons can straighten a crooked or deviated nose, remove a dorsal nasal hump and reshape or refine your profile by making your nose shorter, longer or more contoured utilising fillers or cartilage grafts. Most patients also find that rhinoplasty surgery may remedy other ailments including breathing difficulties.

What to expect for your rhinoplasty procedure

A rhinoplasty procedure is carried out internally through the nostrils and surrounding tissue and can take two to three hours to complete. Through this incision your plastic surgeon can re-contour the cartilage, bones and septum to your precise desires. The procedure can also be performed from an external entry point using the nares while you rest under anaesthetic.

Your nose is a sensitive area which can take up to 12 months to fully heal

In order to ensure a full recovery an external splint and dissolvable nasal back is placed over the nose for one week. Swelling can last up to 12 months on some and bruising can last two to three weeks and may spread to the under-eye area. Patients are advised to tape their nose full-time for 2 weeks and for 4 weeks at night, it is also recommended to take two weeks off work and avoid any exhaustive sports for 6-8 weeks. While your skin is healing UV light should also be avoided unless wearing thorough sun protection – sunscreen and a hat.

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