Tuberous Breast Correction

Throughout the process of breast development, they can sometimes develop in ways that women may not find satisfactory, and perhaps even become self-conscious of, leading to problems with self-confidence, or greatly decreased intimacy.

Tuberous breasts are also commonly known as tubular or hypoplastic breasts. This condition occurs where there is an insufficient amount of glandular tissue, causing breasts to become tubular, constricted, or herniated.

The good news is that these conditions are fairly common and can more often than not be addressed with surgical intervention.


Breast Implant Revision

Also known as breast augmentation revision, this is a surgical procedure that involves the removal and/or replacement of breast implants. This is usually done to correct undesirable results from previous surgeries.

In some cases, unrelated health problems – such as a breast cancer diagnosis – can rear their head, requiring the removal of breast implants. For instances where complications arise after the insertion of implants, such as a rupture, capsular contracture, or shifting, implants may be removed with or without replacement in these cases.


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