Breast Reduction

Large, heavy breasts can take their toll on our bodies – pulling on our chests which cause extra strain in the back and neck as they compensate for the shift in posture.

Many women who have larger breasts may also feel self-conscious due to unwanted attention or clothing not fitting properly. If you find your breasts are holding you back from really enjoying life, at Sculpt in Perth we offer breast reductions to help women benefit from balanced and proportional breasts that fit their lifestyle as well as their needs.

What should I expect during the procedure?

At your consultation, your talented surgeon will discuss the planned incision point on your breasts and the size you wish your breasts to become. During the procedure, the discussed amount of tissue will be removed from the breasts and the incision will be closed.

Patients will be recommended to have at least a week off work and resist minor exertion for the first two weeks. Our surgeons will provide you with a specially designed bra to assist in the healing process.

If you would like to find out more about our breast reduction procedure please do not hesitate to book an appointment at our Perth cosmetic clinic by contacting us.