Breast Reduction

At Sculpt, we offer breast reduction surgery to help women benefit from balanced, proportional and comfortable breasts that suit your lifestyle and your body shape.

If you find your breasts are holding you back from enjoying your life, then talk to our expert plastic surgeons to see if a breast reduction is right for you.

Breast Reduction

Why Get A Breast Reduction?

Women choose a breast reduction for themselves for a variety of different reasons. Large breasts can cause pain, be a major inconvenience in daily life, or simply not be what you want.

A breast reduction is a medically indicated surgical procedure that can address both the practical and aesthetic concerns of patients, and is designed to reduce the overall size of the breast whilst maintaining a natural, attractive shape and proportion.

A breast reduction can:


Reduce the size and volume of the breast


Reduce back, neck and shoulder pain


Reduce sagging breasts by lifting and reshaping the breasts


Reposition the nipple and reshape the areola


Improve breast symmetry and proportion

Breast Reduction

Can A Breast Reduction Help Reduce Pain?

Large, heavy breasts can take their toll on your body – causing extra strain and pain in the back, neck and shoulders as the muscles compensate for the shift in posture.

A breast reduction can help to reduce this pain, as well as making it easier to strengthen your sore muscles through exercise.


Breast Reduction Consultation

At your breast reduction consultation, one of Sculpts expert plastic surgeons will discuss how the procedure will be performed and the size of your breasts that would suit your body shape.

There are risks to any surgical or invasive procedure. Before proceeding, our plastic surgeons will discuss these with you in further detail.

For further information, visit the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons in the link here.

What To Expect After Breast Reduction Surgery

We recommend breast reduction patients take at least a week off work after surgery, and resist major exertion for the first two weeks. Our surgeons will recommend you purchase a specifically designed bra to assist in the healing process.

Immediately after surgery it is normal to feel some discomfort and moderate pain. We would advise you to take regular pain relief for comfort.

Breast Reduction Before and After
View a series of breast reduction before and after photos at our gallery page.