Eyelid surgery- Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is an ideal procedure if you experience sagging lower or upper eyelids, bags which appear raised or wrinkles around the lower eyelids.

The procedure rejuvenates the periorbital region of the face and can result in a more youthful, supple and subtly refreshed appearance.

What to expect from your blepharoplasty procedure

Depending on the desired effect of the procedure an incision can either be made under the eyelid or inside the eye. An upper lid procedure will involve making an incision on the upper fold of the lid known as the supratarsal crease. The procedure itself takes approximately one hour or two to three hours for both upper and lower eyelid procedures. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to rest comfortably under anaesthetic while the procedure is completed, although you will not be able to drive home after the procedure.

Eye tissue is delicate during recovery

After the procedure your plastic surgeon may administer medical strips or an antibiotic eye ointment that will be applied several times a day for up to seven days after surgery. It is advised that you take at least one week off work to recover and resist exhaustive activities such as straining, bending and lifting for at least two to three weeks.

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